Arnold Black – Taken, Beaten, Locked Away for Days by Police

Bobby DiCello fought for years to gain justice for Arnold Black, a victim of police misconduct and brutality in East Cleveland, Ohio – and achieved a landmark $50 million jury verdict.

In 2012, Mr. Black was driving in the city when an off-duty police supervisor stopped him without probable cause, interrogated him, and punched him in the head and face. Mr. Black was taken to East Cleveland Jail, where he was locked in a storage area for four days – without food, water, bedding or a working bathroom. When he finally was released, he suffered from strokes and headaches, which were later connected to the head trauma he sustained.

Bobby took on Arnold Black’s case, confronting not only police brutality but shining a light on systemic failures by the East Cleveland Police Department. In 2019, a jury awarded Mr. Black $50 Million as compensation for what he endured. This verdict was upheld through the US Supreme Court.

In 2021, Bobby was awarded the prestigious Trial Lawyer of the Year award by Public Justice, a national nonprofit legal advocacy organization.