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Bobby DiCello is a nationally renowned trial lawyer who devotes himself to gaining justice for people whose lives have been destroyed by the powerful and the reckless. Bobby labors to restore the dignity of victims and their families while seeking financial compensation – to aid their recovery and to punish those who act illegally and inflict harm.

A former prosecutor, Bobby draws on extensive knowledge of policing practices and justice systems to help clients launch laser-focused civil lawsuits against authority figures and institutions that too often escape justice. Bobby draws on life experience and data-driven research to tell the client’s story powerfully, cutting through media clutter and the adversary’s spin to gain public attention and support.

In 2021, Public Justice, a national nonprofit legal advocacy organization, awarded Bobby its prestigious Trial Lawyer of the Year award for his work on the landmark Black v. Hicks case. Public Justice presents this annual award to attorneys who promote the public interest by trying a precedent-setting, socially significant case.

Bobby earned this award and national renown by pursuing justice for Mr. Arnold Black in an appalling brutality and corruption case in the City of East Cleveland, Ohio. Bobby tried Mr. Black’s case to a jury that awarded a record $50 million—a verdict sustained up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Presently, Bobby is helping clients and their families in a number of high-profile civil rights and police misconduct cases. He presents clients’ stories to judges and juries in powerful, persuasive ways, drawing on scientific principles for effective trial messaging. As leader of The DiCello Levitt Trial Center, Bobby has shaped his firm’s proprietary trial system – marked by deep research, focus groups, and mock trials – to uncover jurors’ decision-making processes and shape compelling, convincing client stories.


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