Bobby Fights for Family Seeking Answers After Fatal Police Shooting of Zachary Fornash

Bobby DiCello represents the family of Zachary Fornash, a 24-year-old father shot and killed by police during an encounter that lasted less than two minutes.

On December 5, 2023, police in Canton, Ohio, were responding to a call about a domestic dispute when Officer Garrett Marino encountered Zachary Fornash. Without making any effort to deescalate the situation, Marino approached Fornash with his weapon drawn as Fornash walked away with his hands in his pockets, only to turn back toward Marino before the officer fired at least four shots. As he lay dying on the ground, Fornash told the officer he was carrying only a pellet gun.

Saddened by this horrific killing of a loving father, Bobby is representing Fornash’s family as they demand answers from city officials about the poor handling of this tragic incident.

“Zachary wanted to be known as a good father,” Bobby says. “He loved to make people laugh and play with his children. His life was cut short so tragically due to a systemic issue across law enforcement agencies: the propensity of police officers to pull the trigger instead of taking the time to investigate and deescalate a situation.”

Bobby is calling for a dialogue with city leaders. To learn more about the case, watch Bobby DiCello’s press conference.