Melissa Highsmith – Representing a Family Reunited with Their Baby After 50 Years

Melissa was only 22 months old when she was allegedly kidnapped by a babysitter from her parents’ home in 1971. From that tragic day on, she was forced to live with her babysitter under a different name. Over the next 51 years, Melissa’s family never gave up hope and kept searching for their missing daughter. Finally, a DNA test showed a connection between Melissa’s children and her biological father. As it turned out, Melissa and members of her family were still living in the same town, and they were reunited in late 2022. While the statute of limitations for criminal charges against the kidnapper has expired, Bobby DiCello represents the Highsmith family in their plight for answers and justice. Their story gives hope to many others, who are desperately searching for their abducted children.

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