Family Demands Denver Police Take Responsibility and Enact Reforms After Senseless Killing of Unarmed Father

Bobby DiCello is representing the family of Brandon Lee Cole, an unarmed father of three who was shot and killed by a Denver police officer while holding nothing more than a black marker.

On August 5, 2023, Brandon Lee Cole, who suffered from epilepsy, was confronted near his vehicle by two Denver police officers responding to a call about a couple arguing. Cole reached into the vehicle, removed a black marker, and approached one of the officers, who deployed a stun gun. When this tactic failed, the other officer pointed her pistol at Cole as he moved toward her and fired twice. One bullet struck Cole in the heart. Within 46 seconds of arriving on the scene, police had killed Cole.

Bobby is working with Cole’s family to seek a thorough investigation and civil suit against the Denver police officer. They also are advocating for reforms to how the city’s police department responds to individuals in medical crises.